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  • Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards was founded by the English interior design master Martin Waller in 1996. It is the most authoritative award for the interior design circle, which is regarded as the Oscar for the interior design world by the Sunday Times. The Andrew Martin Interior Review book released every year is viewed as the Bible of the interior design world. The judge panel of the award includes the British royal family and authorities from politics, business, art, literature, theater and many other fields, which sets up the unique social influence of the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards. Thanks to the remarkable fairness, authority and public representative, the Awards become an indicator in the interior design. The Awards have introduced the most in-style living culture to the world, and what’s more, there are more and more design stars being introduced to the public, which builds a communication platform for the international interior design culture. Therefore, it is also regarded as a cradle of interior the design stars.