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  • The Asia Pacific Designers’ Federation was built in 2006. It was established by being formally approved by the community center of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2009. The main body of APFC is composed of global elite designers. It is a nonprofit federation which aims at leading the development of Asia Pacific and international design.

    The main APDF members are space designers. And it has also taken in architectural, landscape, interior, visual, product, new media designers of various majors and cross majors. These members are coming not only from Asian Pacific countries, but also from European and American countries. All kinds of design-related international top design studios, enterprises, associations try to join us one after another. We now already have hundreds of group members and more than 5 thousand individual members.

    APDF has held a series of worldwide large-scale activities since it was founded, such as Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Invitational, Global Space Design Award, International Design Experts Forum, Art and Design Education, Elite Design Exhibition, to visit all over the world to exchange culture etc. It’s reputation has been spread widely and it has got enormous response in design industry.