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    Cambridge Peninsula Private Residence III

    The owner is an elegant, well-educated Chinese lady with a profound knowledge of everything in China. As well as having an interest in the American lifestyle, she also is an avid collector of interesting Chinese jade pieces, rocks and artifacts. For her living space, the owner wanted to be able to enjoy the comforts and warmth of the American life-style while still enjoying the charms of traditional Chinese fashion and culture.

    According to both the owner’s public space and private space living requirements, the design was done in a functional and detailed fashion in order to let the owner enjoy a comfortable, natural American style of living whilst still maintaining the charm, elegance and traditions that come along with classical Chinese culture. In order to express, explore and highlight the language, form and manner of Chinese cultural aesthetics in a gracious way; we’ve used strong colors to interpret the living spaces, making them much more vivid and rich. The lighting, use of natural sunlight and the interior landscape all combine to create a special atmosphere at different times of day, with the changing of colors and lighting we can achieve a much more colorful, vivid, rich and convivial expression of " home".

    As per the owner’s preferences, the designers made a clean, stylish Chinese tea-house in the study room with an outdoor garden lined with ginkgo and bamboo to extend the tearoom’s tranquility. Red velvet set off the titanium foil frame, white walls and white Chinese screens, creating an elegance that highlights the study room’s valuable collections. In the master bedroom, we focused on highlighting the owner’s elegance; we managed to achieve this by using a tasteful plum blossom and magpie screen above the bed, a painting of lotus flowers on the wall, silk fabric bedding and a custom inked carpet. In the private lounge area, a magnolia tapestry screen and titanium shelves are perfectly complimented by the warmth of the fireplace.

    In the public living areas, the designers set a group of transparent acrylic display shelves between the walkways and the dining area, the lighting has been cleverly manipulated in such a way that it moves, changing its form and carrier, highlighting in a stylish way all the pieces on display, making them stand out even more. Traditional Chinese latticed round windows in the entertainment room make a tasteful reflection in a pebble lined pool of water. The entire entertainment area is a fusion of both Western and Chinese furniture (ink painted slice door, Xiangyun stool, grilled door etc.) all appropriately arranged to infuse an overall oriental theme and mood.

    PROJECT AREA:550 m2

    Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award 2014 (United Kingdom)

Cambridge Peninsula Private Residence III