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    Top Time Office

    Located in a quiet old plant area in the prosperous CBD of Beijing, TOP TIME OFFICE is an office for movie and TV talents and creative people. Designer retained original walls and ceiling of the old plant as much as possible for taking the concept of movie & TV dream works and utilized multiple exquisite colorful glass boxes for integrating bold building materials such as steel plates and bars for elaborate deconstruction, combination and construction. Areas for meeting, work, makeup, fitting, discussion and reception and so on are reasonably partitioned and arranged in a tonality that is almost pure white so as to create a delightful and united creative organism. The specially designed overlong working drop-lights and scattered suspension ceiling lamps are especially ornate and dynamic in the pure white world, which perfectly integrates the spirit of space design and the temperament of users.

    PROJECT AREA: 541 m2

    German Design Award —Nominee 2015(Germany)

    iF Communications Design Award (Interior Design Category)2014 (Germany)

    International Design Excellence Award 2014 —Bronze(America)

    International Design &Architecture Award 2014 —Shortlist (United Kingdom)

    Red Dot Design Award 2013(Germany)

    WAF Inside World Festival of Interiors Awards 2013 —Finalist (United Kingdom)

    Good Design Award 2013 (Japanese)

    Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award 2013(United Kingdom)

    Office Category—Silver

    HKDA Global Design Awards 2013  (HongKong)

    Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards 2012  (Shanghai)

    The Best Visual Performance Awards

    20th Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards(APIDA) 2012    (HongKong)
    Work Space —Excellence     

Top Time Office