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    Zhuhai Xianghe Industrial Office Building
    This is a business development space covered by various kinds of continuously extending and crisscross line structures that have different shades and some triangular and rhombic geometric blocks with different sizes, with stripes running on walls, floors and ceilings combining with shades of colors, forming quite dynamic and striking patterns, together with relaxed, delicate and personalized design of single product, making the original silent square space with single color become vivid, which brings diverse popular experience for this real estate sales space. Here, it is more worth mentioning that what actually adopted in this space that seems to be fully wood structure are nearly 5000 square meters of wood-imitation materials without any true wood decorations. Except commercial purposes of design, designer also hopes to tell here all buyers that we also can have a faddish and beautiful life without use of any true wood in fact.
    PROJECT AREA:413 m2

    Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards 2012(United Kingdom)

    FX International Interior Design Awards 2012  (United Kingdom )

    Museum Or Exhibition Space — Finalist

    Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards 2012  (Shanghai)

    Excellence Exhibition Space — Nomination

    20th Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards(APIDA) 2012 (HongKong)

    Installation & Exhibition Space — Excellence

    HKDA Global Design Awards 2011  (HongKong)

    Exhibition&Window Display — Bronze

    Most Successful Design Awards 2011   (Shanghai)

    Successful Design Awards

    The Ring iC@ward International Interior Design Awards 2011  (HongKong)

    Silver Award—Exhibition Category

    IAI Green Design Global Awards 2011  (Shanghai)

    Nomination of Best Exhibition Space Design Award

Zhuhai Xianghe Industrial Office Building