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    Saige Garden Private Residence

    As a fast-tempo movement, the urban life’s most worthy chord is pithiness. While creating powerful using and storage functions, designer of this project recreated dramatic layout for this compound apartment keeping to the style of conciseness and elegance: open kitchen and extended buffet make family and friends enjoy the interest of interaction; the extravagant streaming and wandering of black and white lines that are full of musical sense and the extremely white grid bookshelf run through the open study on the second floor and even spread over the whole ceiling; a L-shaped overhead bridge that is set up by clear glass, black steel mirror and emery laminated mirror spans over the living room so as to make functional divisions with distinct briskness and quietness transit naturally and make the space gain strong sense of hierarchy. The glaring mustard yellow is more changed into a dancing note on the movement that splits the primal quietness and brings the joy of life to this home. The elaborate design and the ingenious using of color make the whole space is suitable for both briskness and quietness with effect and a great shape.

    PROJECT AREA:184 m2

    International Design &Architecture Award-Shortlist 2014(United Kingdom)

    Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award 2013 (United Kingdom)

    Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards 2012   (Shanghai)

    The Best Residential Space — Nomination

    Most Successful Design Awards 2012  Successful Design Awards (Shanghai)


Saige Garden Private Residence