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    "TOGETHER":2016 International Creative Design Furniture Exhibition

    It is an amazing experience to design the showing space for "TOGETHER"---2016 International Creative Design Furniture Exhibition during the Andrew Martin international Design Summit. All the design works were being collected from great designers and artist in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is also a big challenge to display all these individual and characteristic art works together in harmony.


    Although these art works were coming from interior designer, architecture, fashion designer and sculpture artist,  I found a common feature, which is all of them showed affections of Chinese traditional art. Then I have a strong willing to create a 'Courtyard', I give the theme of the show ---if there is a Courtyard, like that...


    For most people, courtyard is a bell of stories of the past and tones of the home land. The green tiles, the white walls, the view windows, the skylights, the time listening to the rain, to read, to taste a cup of tea, to watch fishes, to play chess, the tales that told leaning against the handrails, they arise so much emotions with which the fantastic story begins: the mysterious black releases power that passes through time and space, the elegant white line delineates the courtyard walls poetically, the green tiles turn into red tops and free all the old times, and suddenly the hologram come up touching again and again the deepest part of souls. When visitors walk by the walls, the arches and the steps, they will find the artistic beauty that also pursued by its creators.


    It doesn’t have what was told in Bai Juyi’s poetry, neither does it show the charm of Ouyang Xiu’s work, both the two were great Chinese poets. Here furniture plays the main role and displays well with the courtyard who acts as a teller of the past, the present and the future. Together they show the visitors the most profound, fascinating and aesthetical part of oriental cultures. 

    A'Design Award 2016 (Italy)
"TOGETHER":2016 International Creative Design Furniture Exhibition