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    Huahong Office II
    The project is located on the 102 floor of the world's highest office building—Ping’an international financial center. It has the extreme landscape which makes you trample at 360 degree, so for both the owner and the designer, the consideration is definitely the landscape.It is about how to move the wonderful view into the functional indoor space perfectly, to do a real meaningful combination of space,view and light, and to present a totally new space transforms. At the same time, how to effectively avoid the visual impairment of mega structure in high rise buildings beam column area brings, and creating a reasonable function and layout, are the vital parts of this project.As we can see,after the completion of the design,it has a reasonable and smooth moving line,the external view is moved into indoor space effectively,the light is pulled into the depths of the whole space, the view and the feeling are exactly better under the mixing of lights at different periods and various materials . People's sight and mood also get infinite extension.And all these combine together have made a rare Top gun confidence and attitude.
    PROJECT AREA:1500㎡

    2018 A'design Award Silver

    2018 Andrew Martin 22th Annual Book

    2019 German Design Award winner

Huahong Office II